Hello and Welcome

Almost everyone that I have met in my life has ideas and opinions and most have appeared to consciously choose the expression of their perspective.  These everyday life perceptions motivated me to write down my ideas and opinions, largely sparked by current events and triggered by conversation; really, anything that has snagged my attention.  The grounding force of this blog is the sharing of a perspective, or another point of view.  Adding to the pool of conversation or generating an alternate stream is the movement that keeps the conceptual gears empowered.  I’m trying to clear expectations off the path and just keep moving along … and writing … and sharing.  Thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to be a part of the conversation.

2 responses to “Hello and Welcome

  1. Great to hear your voice go public! I’m always inspired by your efforts to find the grit of truth and I’m reminded that it is a daily work to clear our minds and our bodies, but that we do it together, with our voices and our hearts. Thanks for sharing your findings along the path. “Keep going. Keep playing.”

  2. Enjoyed reading through your first blog publication. Lots of thought-provoking material. So much of what what affects us is all about communication, ie. the power of words, our tinted glass interpretations of meaning, etc. Not just words….but body language as well. Being resolute and true to our beliefs is a biggie!! Not always easy to do when convention is so convenient. Just think of all the dynamics at play at any given time: cognitive dissonance, conflict resolution, phobias of all types mixed with ingredients such as pride, embarassment, the discomfort of not fitting in, etc. Whoa….hang on for dear life….we’re about to go on a ride 😉