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a ratio of one to one

Sometimes I simply spin in circles, trying to find the best way that I can to help, to assist, to fix problems, or find solutions to problems where I may not be in the position to help directly.  But the problems arrive one after another, and the reality becomes frustrating and my response slows, dizzy and finally falls jaded and exhausted. Starving children, slaughtered animals, rampant child abuse, elderly neglect, and violence against others based on religion, on power hungry egos, on unrelenting fears, on the need for profit.   They spin and I spin to chase them.  Where is the answer? What can I do to directly impact all of the issues, all at the same time and make the cruelty, pain and power struggle stop?

I remember what my grandma had told my dad when he was younger and he relayed the same words to me – ‘Realize what you can control. You can control you.’  So, I thought about this for a while.  Okay.  Control me. Concentrate on myself to have the most rippling impact on others. Lead myself.  Take responsibility for myself, my attitude, my actions/reactions, my words, my awareness, my positive/negative mood, my intentions, my energy.  Motivate and inspire myself to be the best me possible.  Live as though I were a role model for myself and for anyone who may resonate with me.  Makes sense, but is that enough?  Well, more enough than spinning in circles.

For example, if I monitor my intentions in a situation and decide to smile with positive possibility and to act with a warrior voice of confidence and these actions resonate with even one person out of how ever many witness the situation, this would be a one to one ratio, a 100 percent impact.

In mid-September 2013, another person decided to kill others in a mass shooting.  During some of the news coverage, there was a live press conference with the chief medical officer at the hospital trauma center that cared for the wounded and casualties from the shooting.  Dr. Janis Orlowski gave the status of the patients, relayed how many  had died and then, unexpectedly voiced her opinion on the violence that continues to spill out of the seams in this country.  Her words received some news coverage attention and when asked, she assured the media that her words were spontaneous and from the heart regarding how she felt about the situation in our country.

I resonated with what she was saying and how she presented her opinion.  This, to me, is an example of the one to one ratio.  When the doctor gave her opinion, maybe it was not only what she was saying, but how she was saying it.  From the heart, with positive intention, with no agenda other than a frustration with the violence against innocents.  Was she making a political statement about gun control?  She said that she was not, but even if she was, the political is all about the personal.  Through her honest delivery and intention of her point of view, there rings a truth.  And even if she reached one person and only one, she has affected essentially 100 percent.  She is one person, the recipient is one person – one to one – complete.

Current Events

I really thought that focusing on the latest “current events” in my blog would be a pretty straight forward process.  You know, look at the newspaper, get online and see the latest headlines streaming in front of my face.  Turn on the radio or news channel and hear the most important stories.  Right?  I had assumed that’s how it would be.

But maybe this is why I struggled with true and false type of tests in school.  Sometimes there isn’t a concrete delineation of what a certain thing is and what it is not, because I guess, it’s really all about the definition we use to describe that thing and where or who that definition came from in the first place.

So, what determines a “current event” or a story that makes the headlines in such a way that it impacts people’s conversations, sways people’s emotions, influences what people (such as myself) talk about on their blogs?  And are these “current events” the only ones that are worthy of our time, energy and attention?  (*Sigh) Can’t I just say “yes” and move on?  No. What fun would that be?!

I realize that an automatic response could be that a “current event” is what makes the front page around the globe.  Or there is the meaning-of-the-word route which would consist of an event that is currently happening.  Or “current events” in essence could be just completely subjective depending on the point of view.

Lately, I’ve noticed myself float along, allowing the flashy, violent, dramatic, soap opera media headlines to decide for me what “current events” I should be focusing on.  Of course, the outlets present their news suggestions; that’s their job.  Suggestions and reports of what happened in the world today create global access in a sense… but we all know those reports are not all that happened in the world today. Headlines presented with fireworks and ‘disturbing footage meant for mature audiences only’ almost convince me daily that nothing else could possibly be judged as equally or more important.

But, on this particular day, the “current event” that has snagged my attention is the actual process of determining the “current events” of my own life, whether they mesh with the media front page or not.  Exposed to the headlines of the day, while listening to those important events directly around me, popping up in my life; then, taking a moment to choose the direction of my focus, energy and time.  Okay, sounds like an interesting “current event” and perhaps a perspective worth sharing.

Hello and Welcome

Almost everyone that I have met in my life has ideas and opinions and most have appeared to consciously choose the expression of their perspective.  These everyday life perceptions motivated me to write down my ideas and opinions, largely sparked by current events and triggered by conversation; really, anything that has snagged my attention.  The grounding force of this blog is the sharing of a perspective, or another point of view.  Adding to the pool of conversation or generating an alternate stream is the movement that keeps the conceptual gears empowered.  I’m trying to clear expectations off the path and just keep moving along … and writing … and sharing.  Thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to be a part of the conversation.